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Improving patient safety while reducing physician & hospital liability.



West Coast Neuro is a trusted leader in IONM and diagnostic support services to surgeons and health care facilities for spine, complex cranial, and other surgical procedures. Leading healthcare providers have relied on West Coast Neuro to deliver experienced, reliable, and high quality IONM support on a 24/7/365 basis. Founded with the goal of creating a true “standard of care” in medicine for IONM, West Coast Neuro has earned a reputation for service excellence in patient care, helping surgeons deliver optimal surgical outcomes through improved patient safety, while reducing liability and cost for both physicians and hospitals.

WCN technologists are rigorously trained and experienced, implementing the most current and proven IONM techniques available. Our technologists use state of the art equipment, in which real time data can be viewed remotely by a supervising board certified physician. All data is collected in a manner suitable for post hoc analyses for presentation and publication.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, West Coast Neuro provides rapid, accurate and reliable intraoperative monitoring in order to support the surgical procedure by:

  • Creating a true “Standard of Care” for IONM.

  • Recognizing changes quickly, diagnosing cause efficiently, and effectively communicating with the surgeon.

  • Distinguishing false positive situations from real changes.

  • Tailoring our monitoring techniques to best suit the needs of each individual patient and surgeon.

  • Ensuring patient safety by informing the surgeon and anesthesia team of the requirements necessary to execute proper IONM.

  • Providing positive and supportive attitudes the surgical team can be proud of.


Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring and Mapping (IONM, IOM), also known as neuromonitoring, is the use of physiological techniques to identify and/or evaluate nervous system structures during a variety of surgical procedures.  The types of surgical procedures during which IONM is employed vary greatly and include: brain, spine, ear, nose & throat (ENT), orthopedic and vascular surgeries. Neuromonitoring is typically provided by a team consisting of an on-site neurophysiologists and a supervising physician who interacts remotely with the on-site neurophysiologist throughout surgery through a real-time secure internet connection.


Experienced and Highly Trained Technologists and Board Certified Physicians

West Coast Neuro's expert and skilled professionals set the bar in terms of quality IONM services. All of our technologists receive rigorous on-site training, continuing education, and regular evaluations, with licensed and credentialed supervising physician readers. Neurophysiological data generated during surgery within the operating room is transmitted in real time to the Neurologist through a HIPAA-compliant secure and continuous data transmission for instant analysis of monitoring results. Our highly trained and experienced professionals have been trusted by leading health care providers and surgeons for over a decade to deliver reliable, accurate and high quality IONM services.

24/7 Availability and On-Time Promise

West Coast Neuro technologists, board certified supervising physicians, and on-call schedulers are available around the clock 24/7/365 to provide coverage for your cases or to respond to any needs or inquiries. Our service motto is “Whatever it Takes,” and our team will do what is necessary to service your cases reliably, and our technologists are available to cover late evening, emergency, weekend, and holiday cases as well as those that extend beyond 24 hours in duration.

Cutting Edge Technology and Up-to-Date Techniques

West Coast Neuro is committed to staying ahead of the curve on technology, techniques, research and medical developments in IONM. We invest in the latest equipment and only use top tier monitoring equipment like Cadwell Cascade and Cadwell Elite Multi-modality EP systems. We utilize ongoing evaluations, training, education and research to keep our professionals up-to-date.

Uncompromised Safety Commitment and Liability Protection

West Coast Neuro's core mission is to protect the patient, surgeon and healthcare facility by helping to provide better and safer surgical outcomes for the patient, thus reducing the risk and cost of liability from litigation for surgeons and facilities alike. All of our professionals are covered by both comprehensive and professional medical liability insurance. West Coast Neuro makes surgery safer.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

West Coast Neuro delivers high-quality and competitive-rate IONM services, and is committed to being an efficient and cost-effective provider to your health facility.


Standardized Protocols, Documentation and Quality Assurance

West Coast Neuro maintains a set of operating procedures and protocols. Among other things, these include our documented operational and quality assurance protocols and procedures, secure data usage and storage protocols that are HIPAA compliant, professional oversight by a credentialed neurologist in most cases, comprehensive reporting and documentation for records, analyses for each modality that is tested during the surgery, and comprehensive training regimens.

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